Product Details

High Performance Acoustical Finish

Harlow-Leisure-Centre2SonaKrete is a high performance, Class 1 Fire Rated, acoustical finish system. It is available in white, arctic white and specially matched colors, providing for an exceptional range of design options. SonaKrete conforms easily to complex or irregular* surfaces. Engineered for application to virtually any common substrate, SonaKrete forms a strong durable resilient bond. Typical applications include sanctuaries, fellowship halls, hotel ballrooms, conference areas, offices, museums, libraries and many more.

Noise Reduction

SonaKrete is a premium acoustic finish product. Noise reduction of up to 75% can easily be achieved with a smooth plaster like appearance. SonaKrete is used primarily where drywall, plaster, brown coat, or any other smooth surface is present or will be installed.

brown-university-cafeSonaKrete is applied in thin layers with each pass troweled out to compress the product. This produces the desired density and smooth texture. All edges are trimmed with each pass for a seamless appearance to adjacent surfaces or textures. The final result is a beautiful hard finish, free from irregularities.

Compare to other Plaster Systems

Unlike other competing plaster based products, SonaKrete is extremely abuse resistant. The product does not crack or spawl with age, abuse, or movement from building components.

SonaKrete may be produced in any color choice to further enhance design criteria. Simply provide a paint number and after approval by you of the sample product, your specific material is run through the plant. The color is integrated throughout the product, not painted. Being smooth, SonaKrete is less likely to hold atmospheric dirt. This is a key factor in long-term maintenance of the system.