Frequently Asked Questions

Who is qualified to install SonaKrete?

SonaKrete is installed by a select group of ICC licensed contractors who work to a higher standard of excellence in all their business activities. Also, ICC regularly sends a technician to the job site to make sure the contractor is up to speed on all our latest application techniques.

Is SonaKrete a “Green” product?

Yes! SonaKrete is composed of 80% pre-consumer high-grade paper, borax and boric acid for fire, mildew, insect and mold resistance. A water-based adhesive with very low VOC’s creates a strong resilient bond.

How thick should SonaKrete be sprayed to achieve the necessary acoustic performance?

SonaKrete is specified at 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”. Every project must be evaluated on what kind of attenuation is needed which will determine the thickness. SonaKrete is typically installed at 1/2” or 3/4”.

Should I consult with an acoustic consulting firm?

If your project has anything to do with theater productions or where music and the broadcast voice is planned, we recommend you consult with an industry professional who is well informed about all product lines. Our staff also provides previous experience scenarios in our published Design Solution brochures.

Is SonaKrete fragile/friable?

SonaKrete is engineered with a resilient bond and has a significant resistance to minor abrasions and impact without cracking or spalling, typical of traditional plaster and cementitious-based materials.

Can SonaKrete be sprayed to a wall?

Yes! But it would be advised to keep the spray high enough that it would not be a touchable surface in a public area. However, in a controlled environment, SonaKrete has been sprayed successfully on walls. In Continental Restaurant, SonaKrete was applied to the walls to achieve both the acoustic and aesthetic goals of the respective projects.

Can SonaKrete be painted?

We do not recommend painting any acoustic finish. Each situation must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, SonaKrete can be manufactured in custom integral colors.

How do you clean an acoustic finish?

Prevention is the first measure to keep a sprayed acoustic finish clean. HVAC diffusers must direct air away from the finish. Each situation must be looked at on a case-by-case basis. If the finish does soil, most times we recommend spraying a primer to retard bleed-through of the stain and then install a fresh coat of the same or a similar spray acoustic finish.

What substrates can SonaKrete be installed to?

Plaster on lath, concrete or drywall substrates are preferred. A minimum of a Level 3 and preferably a Level 4 substrate finish is needed to insure satisfactory aesthetics, SonaKrete is not intended for ribbed metal deck applications; for these substrates, ICC’s SonaSpray “fc” or K-13 would be the products of choice.

What color is SonaKrete?

Any color you want. We have two standard colors, Arctic White and Standard White. Custom Integral colors are available.

If we want a custom integral color, what do we have to do?

You provide us the paint sample or color number. We will make a sample of dry fiber of the color you asked for and forward it to you for approval. Once approved, we need about two weeks to get that order into our production schedule and ship to the job site. There is an extra cost for custom colors. Your contractor can provide you a cost estimate.

How does the cost of SonaKrete compare to similar premium acoustic products?

The cost of any project is determined by many factors:
1. The size of the project
2. Surface preparation and adjacent surface protection needed
3. Ceiling height…Spray from floor, scaffolding or lift equipment
4. Thickness and color
5. New construction or renovation
6. Occupied or open
7. Local labor rates
8. Time constraints like nights, weekends, holidays, etc.
9. SonaKrete is typically less expensive than traditional acoustic plaster systems, which must be sprayed at twice the thickness to achieve similar performance. Labor is the most expensive ingredient in any spray acoustic bid. More work can be completed per man-day with SonaKrete than any other premium acoustic finish. SonaKrete is ideal as a VE remedy to the costly offshore composite acoustic systems.